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A series of blogs on popular tourist destinations. Our first destination, Nepal, the country of beauty and volunteer opportunities.

Work and Volunteer Destinations Nepal

03 February 2016

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things”- Henry Miller

It’s January and its cold. In America it`s cold and there`s snow. We`re not the biggest fan of this chilly weather and in the office we`re already arguing about who gets to go on holiday first. If you’re like us you can`t wait to get away from the freezing temperatures either. We are going to be writing articles over the next few weeks on popular Work and Volunteer destinations that you can escape to. The first experience is one of our most favourites in the office, Nepal, a country rich in culture and volunteer opportunities.

Mountain view of a lake near Kathmandu

Sometimes you want to experience more than travel and Nepal is great for that. Twin runs a series of volunteer programmes to help the people in Nepal and the effect they`re having is great.

The Teacher Assistant in a Buddhist Temple is a great programme for those seeking to gain experience as well as an insight into Nepal culture. Your main role will be to assist in the teaching of monks and plan lessons and games to help them learn English. For a Buddhist monk being able to read and speak English can dramatically change their prospects. This is a great chance for you to make a difference and better other people’s lives. It could also help you learn more about yourself and the English language. As they say; the best way to learn something is to teach it.

Temples at Durbar Square in Patan

If you want to gain real experience and help people then our next programme is perfect for you. As you’re probably aware last year there was a devastating earthquake in Nepal that affected thousands of people. This earthquake has had an impact on everyone in many different ways. It has killed family members and friends as well as others in the community. The aftermath is ongoing and now many women have ben widowed from the incident and are now on their own. In Nepal, once a woman gets married she leaves the house and goes to live with her husband either with his parents or in their own house. The problem now for many women is if the husband has passed away the husband’s family will abandon them they are left on the street to make a living with children and no job. Without help their life is not easy. Our Empowering Women Programme helps these women learn business skills and survive in the world which has abandoned them. This will then help them in the future to make a living for themselves and any family they may have.

The beautiful capital of Nepal, Kathmandu (which is now fully restored), is an amazing place full of activities and opportunities. If you fancy some down-time there are breath-taking bungee jumping facilities so you can take a few days off to experience these. For the quieter people there are ancient temples and heritage sights to explore. In Kathmandu there is a festival happening every month (such as Holi, or the Festival of colours, in February/March where people throw water or coloured powder over each other. This is done to celebrate the end of winter) so you’ll never have a dull moment! With temperatures averaging 20oC this will be a relaxing experience for all!

nepal pic
Hiker trekking in Nepals mountains

Nepal is also one of the best trekking locations in the world with plenty of unique choice so if you enjoy trekking this is a place for you. From high mountains to random walks through beautiful villages there are plenty of locations for you to experience and enjoy.

You will get three meals a day and food will be healthy and nutritious. In Nepal rice is part of a stable diet and it can be cooked on the street. Seasoned with herbs and spices a good bowl of rice is not often turned down. Nepal people (Nepalese) also eat with their hands which can be an interesting experience for those who are not use to it.  

A Buddhist temple

If you want to help then Nepal is the place to go. Not only will you help others but also benefit yourself.

Nepal is slowly rebuilding itself and will soon be great again. You can play a part in that journey. Find out more on the Work and Volunteer section of the website.