We’re really good at what we do.

Twin Work & Volunteer has proved particularly popular with travellers and interns year after year. That's why people come back to us again and again and again...

Why us?

There are a number of reasons why Twin Work & Volunteer has proved particularly popular with travellers, and interns, and we thought it’s worth mentioning exactly why we’re able to help so many people find the experience that they are looking for.

This is what makes us different:

1. Responsible matching
We do not sell, we match. We make sure our work and travel programmes fit you, and vice versa. We use a tool called the "Foot Rating" to determine the degree to which you and the programme are comfortably matched. If your request does not match, we find something that does. 

2. Hand-picked partners and placement providers
We only work with partners and employers that respect and understand how we work and what you need. We pick our partners for their integrity, credibility and transparency. In some cases, we work with in-country co-ordinators who work with remote and inaccessible local suppliers, but we work closely with both to ensure trustworthiness.

3. Unique content
We write our own content, often from direct experience. If not, we rewrite our partners' materials to suit you, and to raise the standard of communications. We write detailed, informative, vibrant copy, but above all, we write from the heart. We publish photographs and videos taken only by (a) ourselves, (b) our volunteers, (c) our partners, and no one else.

4. Staff travel programme
We have a comprehensive programme designed to offer all our staff, without exception, the privilege and responsibility of travelling every year to our key destinations, to visit our partners and projects. This ensures an expert degree of knowledge, spread evenly around the team, and maintains genuine, mutually beneficial relationships between Twin and its partner network.

5. Pre-departure briefings
As an integral part of our service, we offer you and your family or friends the chance to visit us at our offices in London. We like to meet you and get to know you personally, whenever we can. This gives you the opportunity to ask any last minute questions and it means that we know who we're placing and can be 100% sure that the match will be successful.

6. Learning environment
Tourism, travel and development are tricky subjects. We do not know all the answers. Neither do governments, academics, businesses and NGOs. However, we are deeply interested in our sector and its impact and we are constantly working to improve and refine our processes. Our values underpin what we do, and above all, we work in a learning environment, ensuring that we evolve every day.

7. Value before volume
Twin Work & Volunteer is not about shifting huge volumes. Of anything - volunteers, interns, apprentices, sales, numbers, bums-on-seats, pounds and pence, flights, bookings. We're about finding great experiences for great people, and supplying great projects and work placements with hard-working, enthusiastic people like you. We want to help add value to every part of the supply chain, so that everybody benefits at every step.