Why do I have to pay to volunteer?

Have you ever wondered why you have to pay to volunteer with Twin?

Why do I have to pay to volunteer? to

01 August 2012

It says something about the power of volunteering, that people all over the world are prepared to pay to do it.


Volunteering isn’t new. People have been going abroad to do it for decades. There is nothing more satisfying than taking time off from whatever you’re doing and volunteering overseas for a few weeks or months, but why pay?

Those new to volunteering often assume that they shouldn’t have to pay if they will essentially be working for ‘free’. This is a misconception. A lot goes into guaranteeing a successful volunteer placement. Roughly 70% of what volunteers pay goes directly to the project where they’ll be volunteering – this money is primarily used to feed and house them for the duration of their stay as well as provide any material or supplies that is needed to carry out the placement.

The remaining 30% of your programme fee is used by us to ensure your safe passage: each member of our team has to visit our projects to ensure that they are doing exactly what they claim to be doing in a responsible manner. All this costs volunteers money, but it is money well spent, as volunteers are able to travel to foreign destinations knowing that all safety measures have been put in place and that they are going to a place that we know and trust wholeheartedly.

Volunteering abroad gives you a chance to help others, learn about another culture and explore another land. For this, we’re afraid you need to pay! The best things in life are not always free!