There's so much beauty in the world... it might sound cheesy, but it's true! Our travel bucket list continued...

Travel Bucket List (round two)

28 March 2013

6. Visit the Galapagos Islands


It’s not just the incredible array of wildlife living on the Galapagos Islands that places this destination firmly on the bucket list. It’s the fact that the animals that call these islands home are completely indifferent to humans.

Where else in the world can you casually sit next to a harem of seals lying lazily on the beach, watch huge turtles heading for a dip, or pet quirky sea lions? It’s an animal lover's paradise, and it just so happens to be based within paradise itself. As one of the few places left on the planet where human presence is kept to a minimum, it almost feels like the animals themselves run the country. This makes for a once in a lifetime trip that shouldn't be missed.

Want to experience this phenomenal landscape and help a good cause? Then check out our Galapagos volunteer programme.

7. Experience the view from Christ the Redeemer

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Standing more than 2,326 feet above sea level at the top of Corcovado Mountain, the statue of Christ the Redeemer is one of Brazil’s most iconic attractions. Visitors can opt to reach the statue by tram, car, or by foot and those who brave the walk can enjoy beautiful scenery of the Tijuca National Forest with its waterfalls and wildlife. At the top, the panoramic view stretches far out beyond the city of Rio - across rocky mountain tops, dotted islands, sandy beaches and lush forest.

The world suddenly becomes a more beautiful place.



8. Jump on board a Ngorongoro Crater safari


A UNESCO World Heritage Site and Tanzania’s wildlife hotspot, the Ngorongoro Crater offers the chance to spot elephants, lions, buffaloes, zebras. flamingos and more. The area is also home to local Maasai tribes who roam the land in brightly coloured shawls, calmly tending to their cattle amidst the wildlife. As well featuring the big 5, the landscape is a surreal combination of ethereal blues and greens and the jeep ride will have you on the very edge of your seat.

If you like the thought of getting up close with a range of wildlife, then our safari volunteer projects in South Africa offer alternative travel experiences.


9. Island hop in Thailand


Thailand has long been on travellers' bucket lists and for good reason! The beaches have an imaginary feel; a dreamy combination of palm trees swaying over warm sands and multiple beach parties after sunset. It’s a tropical paradise getaway for those looking for fun, and Thailand’s popularity makes travelling between the islands pain free.

As well as picturesque islands, a fun-fuelled atmosphere and traveller-friendly facilities, authentic Thai cuisine is truly scrumptious.



10. Enjoy a soothing boat ride on Lake Bled

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Slovenia’s alpine beauty is encapsulated in the idyllic Lake Bled and despite attracting many tourists; the area still manages to remain unspoilt and quaint. Nestled in the foothills of the Julian Alps, the compact lake is surrounded by lush forest and contains a tiny, enchanting island in its centre. A lonely, whitewashed church stands upon the island and tourists can row out and wander its realms. To top it all off, Bled Castle sits proudly on a cliff face looming over the whole fairy-tale setting.


I don't know about you, but I've suddenly developed a serious case of wanderlust. So the question is... where to next?



By Hannah Walton