So many little time. Which destinations are on your travel bucket list?

Travel Bucket List (round one)

19 March 2013

If your travel bucket list features destinations that you plan to visit before you pop your clogs, then here at Twin Work & Volunteer (See More. Do More) we reckon you may be waiting a while…

Maybe it’s time to arrange a small collection of ‘must see’ locations….and well, actually see them! Here are some of ours:

  1. Amble across the Great Wall of China

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We think you’ll agree that no travel-based bucket list is complete without the Great Wall of China. This UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to around 207 BC and spans over an incredible 5,000 miles. Chinese locals are fond of  telling travellers that they can’t claim to have seen China until stepping foot on the mesmerising structure…and well, they’ve got a point! Those lucky enough to visit can enjoy a panorama of mountains concealing a never-ending pathway. Nothing can quite prepare you.



2. Discover Mozambique’s marine life

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If there was one particular WAVA project we'd put on our bucket list (there’s definitely more than one) it would be the Whale Shark Volunteer Programme in Mozambique. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel the seconds drip away as they roam spotless white beaches and plunge into clear waters brimming with diverse marine life? Become enchanted by a colourful culture and swim with whale sharks, humpbacked whales and turtles – tick, tick, and tick!


3. Interact with gorillas in the mist

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With a rising threat against primates in Africa, there has never been a better time to help support projects looking to ensure the survival of these incredible creatures. The famous Parc National Des Volcans in Rwanda offers the rare opportunity for travellers to trek the densely forested slopes and boldly enter into gorilla territory. This is a trip unlike no other. Forget cages, windows or barriers; you are a guest in their home and your bravery will be rewarded with an invigorating experience that you will never, ever forget.

If you like the idea of trekking with these incredible primates, why not check out our Gorilla and Chimpanzee Project, and experience life as a volunteer in Cameroon?



4. Witness the phenomenon of the Northern Lights

Index - Northern Lights



Not many people can say they’ve experienced the wonder of the Northern Lights. From placid greens to vibrant pinks - nothing quite sparks the imagination like these fairy tale Scandinavian settings. Those hoping to be bathed in a myriad of colourful light need a healthy dose of rigid planning and good ol' fashioned luck.






5. Set sail across the mystical Ha Long Bay

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Crowned a World Heritage Site in 1994, Vietnam’s prime location offers visitors the chance to embrace a plethora of natural art work created by Mother Nature herself. This enchanting landscape of forested slopes, tiny islands, sandy enclaves, seductive grottos and misty caves is bound together with thick blue sea. The tropical labyrinth is as equally perplexing as it is beautiful, and a boat trip here usually results in not wanting to blink - for fear of missing something.


By Hannah Walton