Top 8 free apps every traveller should download

Are you about to go on your travels? Download these essential apps that will make yours easy and stress-free!

Top 8 free apps every traveller should download

20 November 2014

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Travelling can be stressful and confusing at the best of times, especially if you are going to an unknown country where you don’t speak a word of the local lingo. Fortunately there are hundreds of great travel apps on the market which can solve all your travelling worries, from helping you choose your perfect hotel or hostel, to finding great places to explore in your area.

We have tried and tested loads of free apps claiming to make travelling easier and less stressful, and have selected just 8 apps that we think are the pick of the bunch. So, sit back, browse these apps, and get globe-trotting!


Trip Advisor


This extremely handy all-in-one app will help you organise all the important aspects of your big travel plans. You can buy flight tickets, book hotel and hostel reservations, search for things to do and find top restaurants to eat at. This easy to use app is great because it provides you with reviews, and previous travellers can upload their photos of the hotel or hostel so you can see what the facilities and area really looks like.

Free to download



If you’re backpacking or are visiting lots of different places on your travels the chances are you’re not going to want to fork out lots of money for posh accommodation at every stop. Hostelworld is a great app because it will provide you with a listing of every cheap hostel or hotel in the area that you want to stay in. You can view pictures and reviews from previous customers before you buy, ensuring that you do not end up in a mouldy, rat-infested shack.

Free to download

WorldMate Travel Plans & Flight Tracker


For those unorganised and forgetful travellers out there, this app will be your saviour. With WorldMate the days of hauling round lots of emails and documents with your booking confirmations on will be long gone. Just simply forward all of your flight, hotel, hire car, restaurant bookings, details to the app and it will generate an itinerary covering your entire trip.

Free to download

XE Currency

The Xe

This simple and easy to use app is the best currency converter on the market, in our opinion. It has an extensive list of all the currencies across the globe, and it uses live currency rates so is extremely accurate – you’d be silly to hop on the plane without XE Currency!

Free to download

Google Translate


Google Translate can be an absolute lifesaver when travelling. Forget carrying round heavy translation books, this app means that you can communicate in 80 different languages from the palm of your hand. Type, speak or write in a phrase and the app will respond in the target language – très bon!

Free to download

Free Wi-fi finder


Data roaming charges are still sky-high, so for those modern travellers needing to contact home or find local attractions, this app will help you save lots of money. Simply allow the app to search in your current location or choose an area, and it will show you where the free Wi-fi hotspots are.

Free to download



Foursquare used to be about going to a place of interest, checking in, and showing your followers where you’d been. Now the app has been re-designed, so you can search and discover new places to explore based on your interests and likes. Set your preferences for example “cocktails” and “outdoors”, and the app will alert you when something matching your likes is nearby.

Free to download

Google Goggles


Google Goggles is one of the handiest and snazziest apps around for any traveller or backpacker. Seen an important-looking building and want to impress all of your friends by telling them lots of great facts about it? Just direct your camera lens and snap a picture of the attraction, and the app will automatically bring up a Wikipedia page full of information about it, (providing it’s old and well-known enough).

Free to download


Written by Alissa Johnson