The Travellers' Checklist: 12 Things You Should Never Travel Without

Don't embark on your next trip without the essentials - check out our handy little travellers checklist!

The Travellers’ Checklist: 12 Things You Should Never Travel Without

21 January 2015

Using Phone On Beach

Most people have their own go-to items that they would never travel without – whether it’s their favourite pair of shoes, picture of their loved ones or just a giant bar of chocolate, (yes please). But have you ever forgotten to pack the most important things you need when you travel?

To ensure you don’t embark on your next trip without the essentials, we have created a handy little travellers’ checklist. These items are guaranteed to make your travels so much easier, whether you are a first-time explorer or an experienced globetrotter.



This one is as obvious as they get - if you forget your travel and identification documents you won’t be going further than the check-in desk. Don’t let your fabulous holiday come to a short-stop, and make sure you pack all your important documents such as your passport, flight details, visa, credit cards and medical insurance. It’s probably a good idea to store them altogether in one specific place like a travel wallet in your hand luggage to save you frantically searching for them at airports and hostels.



Map and pin

Stop hauling around several bulky paper maps, and instead use a phone with GPS on it to help you find your way around. The GPS on the phone will help you to plan any journey and will help guide you to your desired location, (plus the extra space in your luggage means you’ll have more room for clothes!)



Why make the effort to carry all of your gadgets on your travels if you forget to take the chargers? Don’t let your phone, camera, laptop, etc. run out of juice, and be sure to pack the chargers. It’s a good idea to pack chargers for the gadgets you use the most in your hand luggage in case you get delayed at the airport.



Language phrasebook

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela.

…This quote is very true - if you can try to communicate with the locals in their language then you will be more likely to receive warm smiles and make friends, and a language phrasebook will be your go-to travel item for this. A phrasebook will be extremely helpful, especially in the first week, as it will help you find places of interest, speak with locals and order a drink at the bar.



Travel adaptors are probably one of the handiest items you will chuck into your suitcase. You will probably find yourself needing it most days to connect your phone charger, straighteners, laptop and other nifty gadgets to the local plug sockets. If you are visiting a few countries with different sockets, then we suggest you get your hands on a multi-purpose travel adaptor, which has all of the main plugs in one.



Travel-sized comforts

Items such as headphones, travel pillows, eye masks and even food can all help to make an uncomfortable and noisy trip more peaceful. Your handy travel comforts will help you to tolerate the restricted seats, bright cabin lights and that screaming baby behind you.



It’s always the way, you’ve just began your travels and you get ill. Be prepared for headaches, tummy bugs and travel sickness, and make sure you bring along some medicine so you can nip it in the bud if you do start to feel ill when you’re away.




Out of all of these items, you will probably find yourself using your camera the most. After all, why go away if you can’t show off all your exotic snaps to your family, friends and anyone who will look when you get back? With this little gadget you will be able to document the best parts of your trip, and will have solid memories of your travels to glance wistfully back at for the rest of your life.



It is a bright idea to pack a torch for your travels, (pun intended). You will need it if you travel to a remote area where there is no electricity, experience a power cut in your hostel or simply want to go for a walk at night.



Flip flops

Not only are flip-flops great to wear for the beach or for exploring in when in hot weather, they are also very handy to have when staying in hostels. Flip-flops will protect your feet from the germy floor when you take a shower, and stop you from getting disgusting foot conditions, yuck!  



Not just for babies, these sanitising wipes are great to have during your trip because they are useful in so many ways. They are perfect for refreshing your face on-the-go, wiping your table or seat on a germ-ridden plane, or cleaning your hands when you go to a bathroom where there is no soap or water. Baby wipes can help fend off the germs and illness, to ensure you are fit as fiddle so you can enjoy your travels.



FSense of humour

Sometimes your travel plans can go massively wrong. Ever faced a huge flight delay, mix up with your luggage or arrived at the hotel from hell? In these situations it’s easy to get angry and frustrated, but the best remedy is to try to laugh it off and don’t let the anger consume your holiday. This is why it’s great to keep your sense of humour on you at all times, to make sure you make the most of any unexpected situations and enjoy your trip!


Can you think of any other items backpackers and globetrotters alike should pack? What would you never leave the house without? Tweet us your ideas, or come find us on Facebook.

Written by Alissa Johnson