During work experience with Twin Work & Volunteer you'll learn some of these skills which are essential to employers

The Most Important Skills You Need to Get a Job

23 July 2014

Picture this. You go in for a job interview, and the interviewer asks you, “What sort of skills do you think you can bring to this company?” And you sit there, palms sweaty, hands shaking, eyes darting across the room like you’re watching a really fast tennis match, just thinking of something to reply with! Don’t panic! We here at Twin have devised an easy to read list of some of the best skills you can utilise to make sure you get that job. And remember, once you’ve learned them, don’t forget to flaunt them as much as possible to show off your talent to your possible employer. There are a lot of people looking for jobs, so try to stand out within a crowd and impress as much as you can. So let’s begin!

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Important skills and how to use them

Under Verbal CommunicationFirst up is verbal communication. Now, this one may be obvious, but just hold on and we’ll explain what we mean. You’re ability to express ideas and thoughts with speech are one of the very keys foundations of what makes a good employee. If you speak clearly and confidently, you’re going to sound like you know what you’re doing, and will do a good job. Remember, first impressions count! So next time someone ever asks you a question in an interview, stop. Take a breath. And speak clearly and slowly and convince the interviewer you are the right person for the job.


Under TeamworkSecond up is teamwork. More than likely, you will be working within a group or team of people, and as such, you need to be able to work well in a group. This means both listening and leading a team when necessary. It’s important to find a good balance between the two because otherwise people will find you either weak and timid, or loud and obnoxious, so always keep in mind finding a balance. Always respect others’ views and opinions within a team as well, never tell someone they’re stupid for having an idea, it’s vital you give everyone a chance, and it makes you seem like a better employee as well.


Under PlanningNext up is planning. It’s absolutely crucial you plan ahead in life, without planning you’ll become a disorganised mess and nobody wants to hire someone like that. So think before you act, and prepare for every day before you jump right in and tackle it. Besides, interviews and employers love to hear it when people plan, trust us.

After that we have independence. Often at times people resort to being spoon fed their tasks and instructions like babies. No one wants to hire a baby. Besides, it’s probably illegal. No! What employers want to see is independence! The ability to think for yourself, accept responsibility, and complete tasks under your own direction and initiative. Think about it, is an employer going to hire somebody they have to babysit all the time, or someone who’ll crack on and do it?

Under CreativityFinally we have creativity. Creativity is the ability to show flair and add your own personal touch to your work. It’s also the ability to work around problems and solve them in a creative way that no one else would be able to think of. Remember, it’s all about standing out within a crowd. People are going to notice that you have your own flair and employers will be more inclined to actually hire you.

So there we have it, five super skills that will surely help you on your way to being employed. We wish you the best of luck getting your dream job, keep at it and you’ll succeed someday. Good luck!