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South America is home to the world’s largest and most biodiverse rainforest, so is without a doubt an ideal destination for gap year students wanting to experience a totally unique way of life and see things they couldn’t encounter anywhere else in the world. Aside from the Amazon Rainforest, there are plenty of other things South America is famous for too, including The Andes, Angel Falls and Machu Picchu, all of which are well worth visiting.

Through Work & Volunteer you can spend a number of weeks working as an Amazon Conservation Volunteer, or assisting in the rehabilitation of rainforest animals; these options promise to not only fulfil any individual supporting these important causes but also make a difference to the projects. Many species are endangered in South America, and this was highlighted by the death of the famous Lonesome George in 2012, who was the last of his subspecies of tortoise; your help could aid the prevention of future losses like this.

You may even choose to volunteer within the South American community, for example by working with disabled or disadvantaged children. For those of you interested in sport, assisting with sports coaching in Cordoba may be ideal; sports activities programmes allow children to channel their energy in a healthy way, giving them a more positive outlook on life, and ensure they receive nutritious meals.


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