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Fully Funded 13 Week Erasmus+ Programme, Seville, Valencia, Lisbon, Dublin

Up to 3 Weeks

Embark on the opportunity of a life-time with our fully-funded Erasmus+ programme available in three European capitals! Plus you can gain a Level 3 qualification. If you have previous experience or qualifications in Digital Marketing, Hospitality or Teaching English as a Foreign Language and you need work experience to enhance your CV and future career, this programme could be for you


From £0

UK Professional Internships, London

Up to 16 Weeks

Enrol onto our award-winning internship programme and kick-start your career in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Now available to non-EEA citizens with a BUNAC Tier 5 Visa. Check the eligibility section to find out more.

UK, Europe

From £650

Language Assistant, Spain

Up to 24 Weeks

Spend weeks or up to a year living with a Spanish family & teaching them English. A superb cultural immersion for Gap Year students looking for an enriching travel experience.

Spain, Europe

From £500

Language Assistant France, Montpellier

Up to 12 Weeks

Immerse yourself in the beautiful French city of Montpellier, whilst learning French in an award winning language school and teaching English to your host family. Great for a gap year or career break.

France, Europe

From £1400

Language Assistant Italy, Multiple Locations

Up to 12 Weeks

On this programme you can spend between 4 weeks up to 3 months living with a welcoming Italian host family. A fantastic cultural immersion and an enriching travel experience, this programme provides a perfect platform to improve your Italian language ability.

Italy, Europe

From £700

Internships in France (with 4 week Language Course), France

Up to 12 Weeks

Work in an unpaid Internship position within a French organisation, and gain valuable international work experience. Build on your professional skills and significantly improve your career prospects. An ideal gap year work programme.

France, Europe

From £1450

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