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Capturing our greatest moments in Seville by learning the ‘Rueda’ dance alongside watching the beautiful sunset and enjoying eating pizza with my friends!

Salsa y Setas Blog

19 July 2019

I love to dance, and I like to listen to Latin music so, one of my goals before coming to Seville was to take dance classes. Or at least go to salsa clubs as much as possible. I've yet to achieve my goal because there doesn't seem to be any close enough to where we live. It is a little disappointing. There are a number of flamenco places nearby, however, which I will definitely get to another time. Recently I made an effort to go dancing for a start by deciding to say 'yes' to a Facebook event held at a Cuban bar, Rumberito Cubano, that I had been checking out online.

The event was described as an end of term party for the regular dance students. We had to bring a dish to share and then dance a Rueda afterwards. For all of you non-salseros, a 'Rueda' is a style of salsa dancing where the group forms a circle and people move around the circle, continually swapping partners. I only managed to get one of my friends to agree to go with me- when it comes to dancing, it doesn't seem to be everyone's cup of cha! We both prepared our dishes (a bean chilli and a mushroom and chickpea risotto) and made the 40-minute walk to the bar together.

We arrived at a deserted industrial estate, surprised that a supposedly lively bar could be in the middle of a place like that. We found the place, opened the doors and were instantly greeted by loud music and lots of warm faces, offering us food and asking us about ourselves. This was the exposure to spending time with Spanish people outside of work that I had been looking for despite stumbling through short conversations with my very limited language skills. We ate with the group and joined in a funny and spirited toast that I only half understood, with frozen piña coladas. Then, the dancing began.

On the other side of the hall, the instructors had started a spontaneous Zumba session. With a gung-ho attitude, my companion and I (who had never danced any Salsa before) jumped in and gave it our all. This happened about three times before the planned dancing began, so we worked up quite a sweat while having great fun and sampling all the delicious home-cooked Spanish food we could try.

I had never danced a Rueda before and was a little intimidated at how complicated I thought it would be. When it began, I more than a little hesitant. Luckily, with men taking the lead in salsa, all I had to do was follow and try to figure it out along the way as I barely understood the instructions being called out! It ended up being a crazy, whirlwind adventure! , I was twirling around the circle being flung from one partner to the next and trying to keep up, stumbling through moves I hadn’t yet learned. I was no longer concerned that I hadn’t met everyone in the room!

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My companion and I were invited onto the floor for a few dances by three gentlemen who, thankfully, were tolerant of our dodgy footwork and were happy to guide us through it and the conversation afterwards. Between dancing and attempting conversation, we stood in awe of the sensuality and style of a couple dancing amazing Bachata and a mother and daughter team giving us some awesome Cuban flavour. One day I will dance as good as them…

Fulfilled by a fantastic Sunday, we left the party with a warm-hearted farewell from the main instructor and headed back home to rest, looking forward to the next time. I reached home with some relaxation and dinner in mind but, that was not to be.  Our Seville intern group chat lit up with an invitation to finally watch the sunset over the city from the top of Las Setas (Metrosol Parasol). An essential sightseeing activity while in Seville. Exhausted with aching feet but mentally determined to make the most of the end of my evening, I gathered myself up, put on my most comfortable shoes and made the 25-minute walk to the structure to meet my friends.

I joined the group who looked significantly more refreshed than me, with cocktails in hand. Upon sunset, we meandered around the winding pathways with their flowing yet angular design, dodging the selfie-taking tourists for the perfect view of the beautiful city we now call home for these three summer months. After someone mentioned pizza, our group headed straight to La Tradizionale, our favourite pizzeria that sells massive delicious slices for €2 each. Gratified with full stomachs after quiet stringy indulgence, it was home time for us all, readying ourselves for work in the morning.


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