Not going to uni? Why you should consider an apprenticeship

Uni doesn't have to be the only option - we've listed the top reasons why you should definitely consider an apprenticeship!

Not going to uni? Why you should consider an apprenticeship

08 July 2015

Create your future

You’ve spent the last 13 years of your life sat behind a desk with textbooks being told what to do, but now it’s your chance to take your future into your own hands and go out into the big wide world (AND earn some money while you’re at it). Excited? You should be.

If you’ve decided to swap the textbooks, the stuffy classrooms and the stressful exams, for a proper job in the professional working world, then why not consider an apprenticeship? Unless you’re a member of the Kardashian family, then it’s unlikely that you’ll fall straight into that dream career without any work experience or qualifications, but with an apprenticeship you can gain both of these to show off on your CV at the same time, (something that A-levels and university can’t give you alone).

There are so many benefits of choosing an apprenticeship that we’d be here all day if we listed them all - so we’re narrowed down the top reasons why you definitely should consider an apprenticeship after school.

Earn while you learn

Unlike most of your other student friends you’ll actually be earning money whilst you learn, and won’t have to experience living on Super Noodles and beans – guilt-free shopping spree anyone? From day one on an apprenticeship your employer will pay you for the hours you put in, which will give you oodles of motivation as you get something back for the hard work you put in.

Get lots of work experience

Creative work experience

The number one thing employers look for on a CV is WORK EXPERIENCE – the more, the better. We’ve all been there, rejected from that perfect job for having no experience – but how are you supposed to get experience if no one gives you the chance, you ask? With an apprenticeship you will get 1-4 years’ worth of decent experience which you can flaunt all over your CV to help you land future jobs.

Gain a recognised qualification

Admittedly you won’t walk away with a degree-level qualification, but most employers regard an apprenticeship as a valued qualification, as it represents the real skills, knowledge and experience that you have gained through real work.

Avoid the dreaded uni debt

Empty piggy bank

Did you know that 73% of today’s students will still be paying their university debt off in their 50s?* Eeeeek!!! If you choose to embark on an apprenticeship then you won’t have to face this massive debt – in fact, you won’t even have to pay a penny towards it because the government funds vocational training for 16-18 year olds.

Step into the real world

Fed up of being treated like a child? With an apprenticeship you can wave goodbye to being spoon-fed as you’ll step into the real world with proper responsibilities, deadlines and tasks. As you jump into the working world you’ll gain invaluable life skills and knowledge, such as time management, independence and office etiquette, which you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.

Get a head start on your career

Dream job ahead

An apprenticeship is a speedy way to kick-start your career, as you’ll start working your way up the job ladder from day one. Plus, some employers reportedly prefer to take on an apprentice with real skills and experience, rather than a qualified individual with only classroom-based skills.


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*Statistic taken from Independent article on their website.

Written by Alissa Johnson