Twin’s latest business and digital marketing apprentice, Jake Taylor, shares his experiences of his time here so far...

My Marketing & Business Apprenticeship Experience

18 November 2015

Jake Taylor internBy Jake Taylor; When I first applied to Twin I didn’t know what to expect, I had been doing a Creative Media course for two years prior to this course and had always stayed in my comfort zone by going to a college very close to where I lived. Twin is located in Greenwich, which is in Southeast London. I live 26 miles away in Upminster and it takes me 45 minutes to get into college.

I applied to the course through Twin's website which was recommended to me by a friend who was already on the course. The website was very easy to navigate, so I found the course I was looking for with ease. The next morning I got a call from Twin who asked me about my eligibility and a little bit about myself, we then arranged an interview/meeting where I brought my qualifications and got to know the head of the course. The whole process had no difficulties and we went through it with ease. A week later I was on the course and was starting to study.

My first day at Twin was very interesting and I didn’t know what to expect, nevertheless I strolled in with confidence and got to know my classmates. It can sometimes be hard being the new kid, so I thought I’d approach them with confidence so the other students knew a little bit about what I was about and felt comfortable around me. It also helped that I already knew two people already on the course, so I knew I could be myself and not feel awkward on the first day meeting new people. The other students are nice and I have become very close with four of the other students. We have even been on trips together such as Thorpe Park’s Fright Night, which was very fun (but also very exhausting) and we have also hung out together at each other’s houses watching movies and sports. We have gelled together very well and we have a great time together.

The lessons are very relaxed and you can work at your own pace (as long as you get the work done at the end of the day!)  and our assessor treats us with great respect and talks to us nicely, like we are his colleague or friend. The work isn’t too challenging or too easy, it’s a good course and I learn new things every day with information on life lessons from our assessor, various facts and information about Digital Marketing and Business.

I feel right at home at Twin and I'm very comfortable around all of the staff and students; they are all very friendly and teach me a lot of things. There are people from all around the world here at Twin, so you can experience various cultures and can also have a good laugh  whilst learning new things about your chosen subject.