Meet the Twin Work & Volunteer Team

Our friendly team are dedicated to helping you expand your horizons and your employability through volunteer, travel and work experiences.

Meet the team

Our team are experienced professionals, with a genuine passion for travel, cultural exchange and development issues. Each member of the team brings with them specific knowledge and skills to Twin Work & Volunteer.

Between us, we have visited more than 60 countries. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 we visited a number of our projects in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Chile, Ecuador, Galapagos, Thailand, India, Nepal, France and Spain, Mozambique and Swaziland.

Our Travel Team is responsible for advising prospective candidates for our work and volunteer programmes on the best options available to them. Use our contact form to get in touch with the most appropriate member of staff for your query.

The Team:

James Ong-Fox, Manager

James Ong Fox

Countries visited: 
Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Tunisia, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Bali, Barbados.

Best piece of Travel Advice:
Everywhere you go, try to learn as much about the culture and history of the places you end up in. This helps to make you a much more rounded and worldly person, able to understand different beliefs and traditions. 

A bit about me:
I left for Asia after completing college. I ended up living in China for 6 months, travelling across its expanse and learning the language.

My experience in Asia really broadened my perspective of the world, as I realised just how huge it is and that there are endless places to visit and experience.

Travelling inevitably brings you friends, knowledge and the best memories of your life.

Amanda Grasso, Travel Advisor


Countries Visited:
Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Sweden, UK, Tunisia, Kenia, Romania, Thailand, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria.

Best piece of Travel Advice:
Travelling is always an enrichment since allows to discover new cultures and making new friends all over the world. Be curious and don’t be afraid to explore: every place you visit will give you an exciting piece to build up your personal memories and realize a little bit more about yourself. So don’t be lazy, go out and start enjoying the journey!

A bit about me:
My passion for travelling began pretty early: I grew up in a family of professional performers, thus I started travelling all around Europe as a young girl. During my BA studies I have been living in Belgium and France teaching Italian and after that I finally moved to London. I worked as well as a Cabin Crew member: from this exciting experience I’ve met people from all around the world and I have visited amazing places.

Exploring is something I’m truly passionate about so I am glad I have the chance to assist the participants to plan their trip!

Thomas Trampisch, Travel Administrator


Countries Visited: 
Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, France, Austria, Croatia and the UK

Best Piece of Travel Advice: 
Step out of your comfort zone. Everyone likes to be lazy from time to time, but during your travels you should not be reluctant or afraid to make new exciting experiences.

A bit about me:
I study English at a university in Munich, Germany. Thanks to Twin, I have the opportunity to work in London as an intern for 6 months, which is an exciting new opportunity for me. 

Working in London and being completely on my own in a new city for a relatively long period of time might be challenging from time to time, but also very rewarding. I am extremely glad to have the possibility to work here and assist our participants!