Maria’s report on her internship in London – a special experience she highly recommends!

Maria's Internship in London

14 August 2014

Everything was ready, the luggage, the passport, the boarding pass, the raincoat and of course the umbrella. I have already know that the summer in England was quite different to the summer in Spain because previous years I had been going to Southampton to improve my English, but this year I wanted a new experience, an experience in which I would improve my English and at the same time get more skills, because of that I take part in the internship.

Big BenI decided to stay with a host family, and I think that if you want to immerse in the English culture, this is the best way. During my stay, they have been really helpful and friendly with me. And always they have tried to teach to me new things about the English culture.

The first day, Twin made an appointment with everybody that was going to start this new experience to give us advice about how face the first interview. There was, when I learnt my first lesson: “if you want to get it, you have to believe in yourself”, and I decided that that would be my motto in this experience, because an experience like that is not only good at professional level, also is good for your personal life, when you are alone in other country you learn more things than the language.

London Night

During my work experience in the Twin marketing team, I have learnt many things about social media and how to use some of the most famous social networks. It was not the same as when you use a social network for personal uses, it was using social networks to promote and expand your business. Also, I have realised that internet is much bigger than we think and that the marketing is constantly present in our lives.

London is considered the most multicultural city around the world. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I had chosen correctly my destination, because I didn’t really want a hustle city like Madrid, and I had already been to London twice, but now I don’t regret, it is not the same when you go to visit a city as when you go to live there. And I don’t know why but London has something particularly special, something in their streets that make it different, and despite having been before I couldn’t resist visiting the most emblematic places of London, like the London Eye, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Oxford Street and many more.

It is true that the life in England is pretty different to the life in Spain: dinner it is about six in the evening, cars drive on the left, plugs are different as well, temperature is measured in Fahrenheit, blinds are not very common, tea at five is a norm, and you can have even three different seasons in the same day. To start with everything is different, but over time you begin to find the charm of London and now I recognize that it has many things that I am going to miss.

London Skyline

By Maria Morais