How to choose the right backpack for your gap year

Find out how to bag yourself the ideal backpack for your travelling trips

How to choose the right backpack for your gap year

05 September 2018

For those travellers who don’t think that your choice of backpack matters, just so long as it can hold your possessions, are sorely mistaken. There are a variety of factors you need to consider when purchasing your backpack:

  • The weight (of the backpack and also the weight it can hold)
  • The durability
  • The safety and security
  • The practicality
  • Value for money


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The weight

Lightweight backpacks are ideal, because they are easier to carry. And it means they can hold more luggage without going over the weight restrictions. (Particularly appealing for the traveller who packs too much.)

You must also consider the weight that the bag can hold. Usually this is noted in litres, for example:

- a small bag = 15L-30L
- a medium bag = 40L-45L
- a large bag = 45L-60L
- an extra-large bag = 65L-125L.

Choosing the right bag size depends on how much you will need and how long you will be travelling during your gap year.


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The durability

You need a backpack that is durable. It must be made from a strong and sturdy material, as well as being weatherproof. The bag you choose needs to be able to withstand any damage that it may encounter during your gap year. It must also be weatherproof and waterproof, or come with a waterproof cover.




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The safety and security

A backpack that is safe and secure is essential because you don’t want to lose your possessions. Some bags come with features that can prevent you being a victim of pickpockets, such as lockable zips and material that cannot be cut into, known as anti-slash fabric.






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The practicality

Whichever backpack you buy for your gap year it needs to work for you on a practical level. There are many backpacks that come with a variety of practical features, for example: 

- padding for additional comfort
- moisture absorbent fabric
- dual access
- laptop compartment
- a front compartment (that either is detachable as a smaller rucksack or has an internal organiser pockets)

If you want to take your laptop on your travels for example, you might want a laptop compartment in your bag. 


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Value for money

As well as features that suit you and your travel plans, you want a backpack for your gap year that provides you with good value for money. And one that you can get on a budget, so that your travelling money can go further. So make sure you look around for the best prices.






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