Do an Erasmus+ Internship in Hospitality

Have you always wanted to travel abroad while gaining Hospitality experience? All it takes is just 13 weeks in either Seville, Lisbon or Dublin to get you started in your new career!

Hospitality Internship with Erasmus+

02 August 2019

In conjunction with Erasmus+ we can provide an incredible opportunity for UK citizens, aged 18 and above, to take part in a vocational work experience program for 13 weeks in either Seville, Spain or Dublin, Ireland. This is a fully-funded program that will place you in a local business, gaining invaluable work experience in the field of hospitality.



●Change/ beginning of a new career

●Valuable work experience

●Level 3 qualification

●Live in and experience a new country

●Learn a new language


In every customer-facing company, employees with great interpersonal skills are needed to take care of whoever wishes to utilize the offered service. The tourism industry is a big business and as such, there are many job opportunities available in various kinds of institutions like tour agencies, resorts, and more relevantly, hostels. Where there are guests, there need to be attentive and highly organized people to run operations, which is exactly who you will be on this placement.

You will be posted in a local hostel where you will have a fun and varied job, welcoming new people and providing them with information about the services provided and the surrounding area, making bookings, coordinating and managing hostel events like tours and cooking classes.

Our program with Erasmus+ will put you on track for a new vocation whilst gaining a holistic experience, living and working in a new culture for 13 weeks, benefiting from our support along the way. In Dublin, you will be living with a host family, and in Seville, a shared apartment. If you have never lived away from home before or in another country, this can be quite enlightening and fulfilling as you gain independence and broaden your horizons. In Seville, you will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish, which will be indispensable whilst you are there. With the Level 3 hospitality qualification under your belt, you will be equipped to start a career in customer service, reception work, event management, or wherever these highly transferable skills take you, at whatever your stage of life.