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Gideon discovered skills he never imagined doing at first, now see what he has to say about his experience and what he learned, when doing an Internship with us in Dublin!

Gideon's Experience

04 July 2019

Gideon Testimonial Blog

The Internship programme has been specifically designed to boost education and training. The aim is to harness the full potential of education and culture as drivers for jobs, social fairness and active citizenship. With Ireland set to become a centre for Internship programmes, Twin in Dublin has worked with garnering internships for our European students to grow our operations in such an important market.

Gideon, who completed his Internship as a glass cutter at Capital Glass, a local company in Dublin, came from Germany.  Not only did he learn new skills, but he was also placed in a friendly, supportive and experienced work environment.

In his own words, his experience has proved invaluable for the development of his career aspects.

“At the beginning, I needed support and could see how the job was being done. I knew I would be able to do it. In terms of training for my future career, it will be very positive. I learnt how to cut the glass faster and how to use machinery.”

Gideon’s experience allowed him to explore Ireland and its culture, “This was my first time in Dublin and I enjoyed everything, and also the people. This would be a good experience for anyone in my field.”

Gideon’s story and his experience signify the vision of the Internship programme, along with Twin’s efforts to support such an important objective.  To learn more about our Internships and all our other programmes and more student experiences’ like Gideon’s, view our website.