We've selected five fun festivals from around the world - for you to visit on your gap year...

Fun Festivals around the World

30 May 2013

Are you currently planning a trip around the world? Maybe you have one particular place in mind?

Including a couple of local festivals on your travels is a great way to incorporate fun and festivities, while also gaining an insight into the culture around you. With this being said, here are five fun festivals that have earned their place on our 2013 bucket list…

1. Festival of the sun (Inti Raymi ) - Peru - June

Festival Sun

Celebrated throughout the indigenous groups who are scattered across the Andes, this beautiful festival is a traditional part of the Inca religion and features colourful costumes, music, masks and sharing of food. Boasting a spectacular backdrop, this beautiful festival has deep cultural roots and is a must see for those perusing the wonders of Peru.

2. Panafest – Cape Coast, Ghana – July / August

Cape Coast

Launched in 1992, Panafest is a colourful festival that proudly celebrates African culture and traditions. Activities include vibrant street performances and a breath-taking candlelit Emancipation Vigil which honours the memory of African slaves. This festival is part-pilgrimage, part-party and the cultural occasion makes a fantastic addition to a gap year in Africa.

3. La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain – August

La Tomato

Yes it’s bizarre. Yes it’s ridiculous. And yes, it’s sooo much fun. Welcome to La Tomatina festival – an event dedicated solely to throwing squashed tomatoes at everyone in sight. It’s an occasion that needs to be seen to be believed - a surreal day where the whole town is spray-painted red in tomato juice. We’re wondering who does the clean-up...

4. Janai Purnima and Gai Jatra - South Asia - August

Festival 2

A lively day of parades featuring locals in elaborate costumes enthusiastically celebrating amidst herds of docile cows. Representing the importance of the holy cow within Hindu communities, the festival has a light-hearted side with jokes, bizarre characters and an all-round satirical vibe. Mesmerising, surreal and a great day filled with wonderful sights.

5. Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany - Early October


A world-renowned 16-day festival which centres on everybody’s favourite tipple – what’s not to like? Annually attracting over six million thirsty travellers from around the world, this festival is all about enjoyment and the consumption of Bavarian beer. A must for beer lovers everywhere.


So while you’re busy planning your next getaway, why not spend a little time researching the local festivals? Oh, and don't forget to pack your backpack for any situation...tomatoes are just the beginning!


By Hannah Walton