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+General and Professional UK Internship FAQs

How much will it cost? And what does this include?
Please see the website for the fixed placement price. Accommodation and Language School can be arranged with additional costs. Also flight and insurance not included.
Am I eligible to attend the programme?
To participate you must be 18+ for a general Internship and from the EU. If you are looking for a Professional internship, you are required to be 21+ and a graduate, again from the EU.
Will I get paid?
No, all internships are unpaid work experiences. At best you may get your travel expenses or lunches covered.
What is the maximum/minimum duration for the Internship?
4 weeks would be the minimum duration and the maximum is 16 weeks.
Will I be offered a permanent position at the end of the placement?
No, this is a work experience placement only. We do not guarantee you a permanent job at the end of your placement.
What company will I be placed with?
This is dependent on which companies are available at the time of application and your experience in your chosen sector and language ability.
Can I come with a friend?
Yes, however we cannot guarantee that you will both be placed with the same company.
What do you offer?
We offer a variety of internship programmes and programmes to suit all. Our General Internship is available in London and Eastbourne. Our professional internship is based in London only and our 2 Hospitality training programmes are available in establishments across the UK in rural locations.
What support do we offer to students?
We offer 24/7 emergency contact for all our work experience students. We operate and open door policy and all our students are given full contact details for the team so anyone can be contacted at any time.
What resources do you have to organise placements?
All our placement officers have experience in sales and customer service, a large client base and various web based tools.
How are placements monitored?
For all our groups, placements are monitored weekly. Evaluations meetings can be help upon request of our agents. For individuals students have the opportunity to contact us with any problems or concerns throughout their duration. For Hospitality students, all students are monitored to check they arrived safely. Any problems down the line are able to be discussed with the team.
What duties/ tasks will the students undertake?
General work experience will provide students with retails or basic admin experience. Professional internships will allow the students to get more involved depending on their durations. (The longer the duration, the more involved they become). Hospitality students will be given tasks based around their levels of English, skills and abilities.
Are the placements guaranteed?
All students will attend an interview before starting their placements. Any students that are not successful will attend interviews until they are successful. No placements are guaranteed without a successful interview.
How many students do you place per year?
Last year we placed around 1200 students throughout the year.
What nationality/ age are your students?
Majority of our students are from EU countries, such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain, however we operate a further international study programme for students from outside of EU countries.
How do you help prepare students for their placement?
All students are given a full induction, which includes being given information on their companies, travel details and interview tips and preparation.
What other services do you offer students?
We offer a full social programme, for all students with a range of excursions in and around London and further out. Many are free, but some incur costs.