Colourful floating markets, stunning waterfalls and diverse wildlife – explore Thailand and all its breath-taking attractions

Explore Thailand

22 August 2014

Asia is a diverse continent that should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit, and if you are going to go, we’d highly recommend travelling to Thailand on one of our exciting programmes. While supporting a community or conserving wildlife on a volunteering project with us in Thailand, you’ll not only get to make a difference, but also explore one of the most amazing countries in the world.

Floating Market

While you’re in Thailand, the first thing we highly recommend you do is visit a floating market. Bangkok has an extensive network of canals, and at a floating market you’ll see people selling an incredible range of goods straight out of their boats. Hugely popular with both tourists and locals, these colourful markets really are impressive – you could even take a tour of one on a boat yourself. You should also try some of the delicious Thai food sold at these markets, freshly cooked right there on the boats. The best floating markets in Thailand include Amphawa, Damnoen Saduak and Taling Chan.

Forest Waterfall

You also have to check out at least one of Thailand’s amazing national parks; Thailand is a country of immense diversity and beauty, which can best be discovered at one of its national parks. Doi Inthanon, also known as the ‘roof of Thailand’ is where you can find Thailand’s highest peak, and at Sai Yok you will see some truly breath-taking waterfalls. Fancy an al fresco swim? You’ll never have been swimming anywhere as beautiful and peaceful as one of the pools fed by the Erawan Waterfall. Want to see an amazing, exotic historical site? Be blown away by Phimai Historical Park.

Grand Palace

One of the most stunning places architecturally in Thailand is the Grand Palace, located in the heart of Bangkok. Until 1925 the King and royal government were based here, but the Grand Palacey is still used for official events. As well as admiring the exterior of the impressive buildings and pavilions, set within vast gardens and courtyards, you can get a glimpse of the wonderful interiors too, as the palace is partially open as a museum.


Finally, we have to mention Thailand’s national symbol, which ties in perfectly with those undertaking one of our programmes in Thailand: the elephant. One of the must do things in Thailand is to meet these majestic animals, and to do this, why not try our Elephant Protection Volunteer programme? You’ll get to help conserve these fascinating creatures and work towards positive change in a country where for a long time elephants have been under threat, often being exploited for tourism purposes. You’ll be working at an ethical elephant sanctuary, making sure that the elephants are fed and have shelter, amongst other things. The project allows tourists to still get close to elephants, but moves away from the unethical show-and-ride elephant tourism you often see in Thailand.

We hope that this blog has encouraged you to visit this amazing country and you’ll enjoy visiting some of these places and seeing some happy elephants! The culture and landscapes of Thailand are truly unique and you really won’t regret travelling to discover everything this corner of South East Asia has to offer.