Ghana is fast becoming one of our most popular volunteer destinations

Community volunteer projects in Ghana

18 July 2012

If you know anything about Africa, you’ll know that Ghana is fast becoming a destination that volunteers can’t seem to get enough of…


Each of our Ghanaian community programmes offers volunteers the chance to work intensely with a local project that thrives on their help.

People choose to volunteer in Ghana because it allows them to dedicate their time to helping disadvantaged children whilst becoming completely immersed in the exoticism of Africa – this cultural immersion, or indeed submersion is precisely what volunteers search for and it is for this reason that Ghana has become such a popular destination for them.
Our community projects in Ghana range from Intensive teaching in Kumasi (the capital city of the Ashanti region), to Children’s Activity Leadership on the Ghanaian Gold Coast, as well as various Volunteer Work Experience opportunities throughout Accra and the surrounding area.

Volunteers sometimes worry that they may not actually be needed in their community, or that they will be stepping on people’s toes and generally getting in the way – this doesn’t happen in Ghana. Here there is plenty of need, and thehospitality and warmth that volunteers feel from their projects and host families ensures that they are never hesitant to get stuck in.

Community work in Ghana will include an array of sightsscentscolours and sounds that will intoxicate your senses. That’s Ghana – truly magnificent and utterly captivating.