Use your gap year to discover the best destinations in the world to get snapping...

Best Destinations for Travel Photography

05 June 2013

Memories of your travels abroad can last a lifetime, but nothing quite rekindles a moment like a powerful photograph. Here are a few destinations that we think you'll agree are picture-perfect...

 1. Iceland – Silica Pond / Blue Lagoon

 Blue lagoon, iceland

Reminiscent of a setting in a sci-fi novel, this otherworldly hot-water pond is located in the midst of desolate volcanic remains. Charged with sicila, creating a bright blue glow against the grey moon-like earth surface, this futuristic setting makes for nothing less than a fascinating image.

It’s little surprise that this natural phenomenon is a favourite location amongst photographers, directors, and television producers.





2. Namibia – Kolmanskop / Skeleton coast




Namibia is a fantasy land for photographers. Giant sand dunes, deserted villages, lonely deserts, stunning wildlife and ethnic tribal communities all contribute to its appeal. Eerie, arid yet undeniably beautiful, Namibia's landscape feels like its own world. Night time brings a thick blanket of stars and space and time become much more relevant. Note: dreamlike images are not hard to capture.





  3. Italy – Portofino



Warm and inviting, Portofino has inspired many an image with its pastel cottages huddled above turquoise waters. Located near Genoa, this perfect harbour front is a popular spot amongst the rich and famous, but its beauty also attracts those on a stricter budget. Many travellers and tourists who work in Italy opt for a day trip to Portofino to capture some stunning photography.

Historically, Portofino's once reclusiveness inspired a notable collection of artists, photographers and writers to retreat into its protective arms. Despite its recent popularity, there is still plenty of scope for creative freedom within the terrain. Rent a bike, take a peaceful amble or arrange a boat ride and capture the landscape from a different angle.


 4. Moraine Lake – Canada

Morraine Lake



Moraine Lake is dazzling. Thick teal coloured water, winding roads, snow-capped mountainous backdrops and glaciers mean that a poor photograph is near impossible.

Here, the best photo opportunities come from taking a canoe ride.  Lucky adventurers can weave in and out of the impossibly blue lake seeking inspiration.





So, whether you're a budding photographer, keen traveller or looking to embark on a gap year abroad, there's no denying that there are an array of postcard destinations crying out for photos...


By Hannah Walton