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Australasia offers visitors the chance to experience beautiful, unspoilt landscapes and natural paradises. Some of its most well-known attractions include Australia’s most recognisable natural landmark, Ayer’s Rock, and the Sydney Opera House, a stunning example of modern architecture. For adventurous visitors, Australia offers some of the best rock climbing opportunities in the world, and alternatively the Great Barrier Reef promises an unbeatable scuba diving experience. Australasia is also famous for its friendly inhabitants, so you’re sure to feel right at home during your stay there.

In Australia, Work & Volunteer has professional internships and paid work experience on offer. These options both allow you to not only travel to and experience life in an amazing country, but also give you the opportunity to add something really valuable to your CV, so are a great way of spending part of a gap year.

In both New Zealand and Australia, Work & Volunteer has conservation volunteering opportunities, which give you the chance to experience the beautiful environments the countries have to offer and make a valuable contribution to worthwhile causes. Australasia boasts a variety of unique and wonderful wildlife, and tasks for volunteers include everything from helping to establish a population of wombats to restoring beaches and historic towns.


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