6 feelings you'll experience during your Erasmus+ programme

During your 3 month Erasmus+ work experience programme in Spain, Portugal or Ireland you'll learn, experience and learn so much more than you ever thought was possible!

6 feelings you'll experience during your Erasmus+ programme

31 October 2018

In just over 30 years, more than 200,000 UK students have studied or worked in Europe on an Erasmus programme. Thanks to Erasmus+ you could have a once in a life-time opportunity to gain valuable work experience abroad (in Spain, Portugal or Ireland) on our 3 month fully-funded Erasmus+ programme!

The experience will scare, excite and teach you many lessons along the way, here are some that you can expect to encounter during your 3 months:

  1. Overwhelmed
    Unlike when you go on holiday abroad, living and working in a country for 3 months allows you to fully experience a new culture and learn about a different way of living. At first, this emergence of culture will be a big shock – but you’ll grow to love it in no time!

  2. Independence
    At every stage of your life you will experience the feeling of independence. Living in a foreign country will be like no other feeling of independence that you’ve already experienced – it will feel way more liberating!

  3. A sense of belonging
    Leaving behind loved ones is a difficult part of embarking on this journey. However, during the programme you will experience a sense of belonging; your Erasmus friends will become your family and you’ll find your place, new friends and networking contacts in an international workplace – how cool is that?

  4. Self-confidence
    Doing things for yourself will cause you to have confidence in your own abilities. Your mum didn’t lie when she told you that “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”!

  5. Educated
    During your work experience you will realise that you will never stop learning. Life is one big learning curve; you will always keep learning, whether that is: a new language, discovering how different cultures live, or even just learning more about yourself!

  6. Astounded from all the possibilities
    Once you return from your Erasmus+ programme you will have developed a better understanding of the world. You’ll realise that there are more opportunities and possibilities in the world, and that they might not even be in the same city, or even country, where you were born.

Find out more information about the Erasmus+ programme now. Alternatively, if you are sold and want all of the above, as well as to escape the winter blues, gain work experience and make life-long memories then apply here.