10 essential and affordable gadgets you need during your gap year

If you are going travelling this year, these are the essential gadgets that you need to pack!

10 essential and affordable gadgets you need during your gap year

15 August 2018

There are many gadgets and tools that can make your gap year easier. So we have scrolled the internet to find the top 10 essential and affordable gadgets that you need during your gap year.

Scubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba Wash Bag can be a real time saver! Instead of having to locate a laundrette, you can simply wash your clothes with this easy to use and quick bag. It is practically small; pocket-size and lightweight (weighing 145g), and it also only takes 3 minutes to wash your clothes to washing machine standard!

Scrubba Wash Bag

For more information, or to buy the Scrubaa Wash Bag, check out the Scrubba website. Alternatively, you can also buy it on Amazon.

Portable Wi-Fi device

The 21st century has come a long way and continues to amaze and excite; now you can buy a device that allows you to have Wi-Fi wherever you are! So if you are an avid traveller but cannot stand to be parted with your beloved internet, then this device is a must. There are a variety of devices available for varying prices and with different features, so do some research for the best portable Wi-Fi device for you.

Portable Wi Fi Device

We found this fabulous Portable Wi-Fi device.

Cash-safe belt and keyring

You must have heard of people saying that they stash money in their socks, or underwear. Well thankfully some creative designers have come up with these handy gadgets; a belt and a keyring, where you can safely keep your money. It is always good to have some cash on you.

Cash Safe Belt

Portable phone chargers

Phones can lose their charge fast, especially if you are using it all day (and who doesn’t need their phone for looking up directions or for booking your next exciting excursion etc.) so portable phone chargers can come in handy. You can buy power banks for fairly cheap nowadays, or if you are camping and will be in a remote area with little to no access to electricity, you could always buy a solar charger.

Solar Phone Charger

Water filter straw

The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter could be an actual life saver because it can filter contaminated water, which means that it is safe for you to drink from streams or lakes when you are out and about. It is lightweight (weighing 57g) and only 9 inches long, making it the perfect travel companion for your gap year.

Straw Water Filter

Universal plug adapter

Instead of having to buy many different plug adapters, you can now purchase one that fits a whole range of plug sockets around the world. It has four different charging USB ports, which means you can charge your camera, phone, iPad/iPod, power bank etc.

Universal Plug Adapter

There are a variety of universal plug adapters available; however we found this amazing one on Amazon.

Urination device 

It’s not glamourous, but everyone has to wee and sometimes the conditions aren’t the greatest, so some genius created a device that allows women to wee whilst standing up. It’s hassle free and is only small so you can keep it on you during your travels.


You can buy these from Amazon and Shewee.


If you are going to a remote place or somewhere that might not have good phone signal, you need to invest in goTenna. This incredible piece of tech allows you to text and use GPS even when there is no signal. You can also use this small portable device if you don’t want to spend lots of money sending messages to the friends that you meet during your gap year.

Go Tenna

Check out the goTenna website for more information or to buy one. Alternatively, you can buy this device on Amazon.

Credit card sized pocket tool

This handy small 18-in-1 tool may come in handy at any point during your travels, especially if you need to open a beer or tin can! And the best news is that it is the size of and shaped like a credit card so it can slot into your wallet or purse and you can just pull it out if and when you need it.

Credit Card Tool

Want to hear even better news? It’s under £4 at Amazon!!

Fingerprint padlock

Being able to secure your valuables whilst you are travelling is essential. There are many different kinds of locks and safe boxes available; however, we have found this high tech gadget that you will love. It is like your standard padlock, but you use your fingerprint to open it, or you can download the app and open it with your phone!

Fingerprint Padlock

You can find the high tech padlock on Amazon.

Can travelling get any easier with these incredible gadgets? Yes, yes it can! If you need help finding a gap year that is perfect for you, then why not check out our amazing gap year and travelling programmes?