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“We are proud to announce that Twin has been awarded the STM Star Work Experience provider of 2014, making it the 5th time in 7 years!”
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UK Professional Internships, London

Enrol onto our award-winning internship programme and kick-start your career in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Now available to non-EU citizens with a Bunac Tier 5 Visa. Check the eligibility section to find out more.

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From multinational companies, to industrial placements and start-up businesses – the metropolitan city of London is one of the best places in the world to enhance your CV and gain valuable employability skills.

In today’s very competitive job market, an internship in London will help you to stand out against other applicants. Working in London gives you the opportunity to be independent, learn important career enhancing skills, develop your business vocabulary and gain an insight into the working world. With our internships you will be given real responsibilities and deadlines, and will be made to feel welcome and comfortable in one of our reputable host businesses.

Why enrol onto Twin’s internship programme?

  • Grow as an individual in the vibrant city of London.
  • Develop your industry specific skills and knowledge.
  • Help your CV to stand out against the rest.
  • With our large network of over 1,000 UK companies, you are guaranteed a placement in your chosen sector.
  • Twin has won the “best internship provider” award five times in the Study and Travel Magazine, meaning that we have now become “superstars” in this category.

Once you have enrolled onto our internship programme, you can relax knowing that we will find the perfect placement for you. Our careful selection process will ensure that we match your internship to your CV, career goals and personality, and that it will give you the opportunity to fully explore your chosen career path.

Project details

  • What's included?
  • Dates & duration
  • Eligibility
  • Location
  • Project life
  • Accommodation
  • Flights & Visas
  • Insurance

What's included?

  • An internship in London in a sector matching your chosen career path 
  • Information, advice and support
  • Multilingual internship placement officers
  • 24-hour support & emergency contacts during the internship work placement
  • Half-day orientation at a Training Centre 
  • Access to a Training centre – complete with IT suite (free wifi & internet access) and café area
  • Twin Certificate of achievement (awarded on completion of the internship)
  • Reference from employer

What's NOT included?

  • Flights or Train Journeys
  • Insurance (for EU Applicants from outside the UK)
  • Sightseeing activities
  • Bunac Tier 5 Internsip visa (for non-EU citizens)

Here at Twin Work & Volunteer we get many international interns, all with different levels of English. Every intern is different, some have never visited the UK and may find the idea of working in England a little scary. That is why we work hard to make sure that every intern is comfortable and happy with their placement.

If you are worried that your English isn't very good, then we have the perfect idea. Below are some study options (please note, all prices are per week), to give you the skills you need to live and work in the UK:

English Study Per week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
General English 15 hours £170 £170 £170 £160 £160 £160 £150 £150 £150 £140 £140 £140

If you have any questions about your internship placement then please speak to one of our friendly travel advisors. We can help you choose the right programme and make arrangements for any other needs you may have. Please contact us for further help and information!


Dates and duration

  • Internships in London are available throughout the year, so contact us at anytime
  • Placements typically start on Mondays

You're advised to contact us as soon as possible so that we can confirm your place in a suitable company.

To get the best possible experience from your internship your applications should be made no later than 6 weeks before you require the internship to start. *If you are a non-European union citizen, please start your application 12 weeks before your desired start date*


EU Nationals:

  • Age 18+
  • English Level: Intermediate IELTS 3.5+ or equivalent

 Non-EU Nationals:

Thanks to our partnership with Bunac, we are able to offer our award-winning Professional Internship to citizens from countries outside the EU. Just submit your application with us today by hitting the book now button below and one of our friendly team will give you all the advice you need on how to get your visa from Bunac. 

US Citizens:

    • Age 18+
    • English Level: Intermediate IELTS 3.5+ or equivalent

Non-EU Citizens from outside the US:

    • Age 18+
    • English Level: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent (not applicable if you are from an English speaking country)
    • Currently studying at university or graduated within the past 12 months
    • Maximum internship duration of 6 months

Please note, for candidates applying from outside the EU there is an additional administration fee of £200.

Please be aware that:

  • It is best that you are capable & feel comfortable in an English-speaking environment.
  • You will be assigned an internship based on your available dates, skills, training and personality.
  • Some jobs may require more specific qualifications and experience.


Project life

In an increasingly competitive employment market, the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience as an intern will allow you to increase your awareness of the business world and sharpen your existing skills.

The Professional Internship is set up for students and young adults over 18 years old who are looking to develop their personal and professional goals by working in a UK company.

Professional internships are available in numerous business sectors and can be matched to your needs and career objectives. This allows you to make the most of your experience by enhancing your English skills, work on specific projects and show your employers what you have to offer.

Please note that all of our placements are unpaid internships.

We have previously matched interns in the following sectors:

  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Travel & Tourism
  • *Hotel & Catering*
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Insurance
  • PR & Advertising
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Media
    *This sector is not
    available on the
    Tier 5 Bunac
  • Architecture
  • Art & Design
  • Education
  • Administration
  • Computing & IT
  • Fashion
  • International trade
  • Sales
  • Sport
  • …and more

Internships generally last from 3 weeks onwards - many last for longer periods and can easily fit in with your university summer break or stages of your gap year. The longer interns spend at work, the more beneficial the entire experience will be.

Accommodation and Food

If you need accommodation during your placement you can choose to stay in either homestay or residential locations across London. 

Homestay Accommodation:

Living with a host family in London provides you with a real insight into 'London-living', allowing you to have a rewarding experience where you can embrace the multitude of cultures, customs and traditions that London is famed for having.

  • There is the option of half-board (breakfast and an evening meal) or full-board (three meals a day)
  • Bed and breakfast or
  • Self-catering accommodation

The homes are in locations that are within easy reach of transport links to either our partner organisation's training centre or to your internship placement.

Residential housing:

If a homestay is not your thing, or you are looking to have more independence, you can choose to stay in residential housing in locations around London. Again, these are within easy travelling distance of central London and our training centre. If you are interested in enquiring about availability at our residences in addition to our internship programme please send an email to

Residences in general offer:

  • Single rooms arranged in self-contained flats
  • Shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom
  • Self-catered housing

Shared Flats:

Twin also has a number of flat and house shares available across London. Some options have En-Suite available. Please contact a Twin advisor to find out availability. 

Our accommodation options have you in mind and will help to make your stay in London as easy as possible. 

Residential accommodation is available in locations across London, close to a wide range of shops, bars, restaurants and parks. The locations also have excellent public transport and are within easy reach of central London. You can spend your free time exploring this beautiful city and all that it has to offer. 

You will find that the local area and your comfy accommodation has plenty to keep you entertained! Residential guests can enjoy a range of facilities in their spare time, such as:

  • Gym facilities
  • Study and common room                    
  • Shared kitchens
  • Laundry room
  • Fast broadband internet (wired and wireless)
Accommodation Single / week (Bed & Breakfast) Single / week (Half Board) Single ensuite / week (Self Catering) Single week (Self Catering)
Homestay (London)  £135  £155  N/A  N/A
Residence(London)  N/A  N/A Prices from £230 Prices from  £209

Flights, Transportation & Visas


  • Flights are not included in the cost of the Professional Intersnhip Programme in London.
  • London has four major airports which domestic and international flights arrive at:
    • Heathrow
    • Gatwick
    • Stansted
    • Luton

 If finding your own way from the airport or train station makes you worry, then we will happily arrange transfers for you. That way you can relax! 

  Heathrow Gatwick Stansted Luton Victoria / St Pancras
Transfers to accommodation £110 £100 £100 £105 £70


  • Most citizens from EU countries will not require a visa to take part in this programme
  • Non EU citizens will need a visa to take part, the conditions vary from country to country - contact a Twin travel adviser for details

CIBT Visa advice...

For expert visa advice we advise our volunteer, work placement, and internship participants to get in touch with CIBT - a company that we work in partnership with. Our UK, Canadian, and US travellers can use CIBT for visa advice and to get their visa applications processed - with visas returned within a week.

Canadian citizens should state account number: 57497
US citizens should state account number: 57496


<p>If finding your own way from the airport or train station makes you worry, then we will happily arrange transfers for you. That way you can relax! </p><table border="1" class="twintable" style="border-width: 1px; border-color: #000000;"><tbody><tr><td style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: #a9e2f3;"> </td><td style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: #a9e2f3;">Heathrow</td><td style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: #a9e2f3;">Gatwick</td><td style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: #a9e2f3;">Stansted</td><td style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: #a9e2f3;">Luton</td><td style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: #a9e2f3;">Victoria / St Pancras</td></tr><tr><td style="border: 1px solid black;">Transfers to accommodation</td><td style="border: 1px solid black;">£110</td><td style="border: 1px solid black;">£100</td><td style="border: 1px solid black;">£100</td><td style="border: 1px solid black;">£105</td><td style="border: 1px solid black;">£70</td></tr></tbody></table>

Safety & Insurance

All of Twin Work & Volunteer's placements are in partnership with recognised and established local organisations, run by or employing local people. These organisations, depending on the nature of what they do, might be small-scale NGOs, family projects, schools or orphanages, or local initiatives with environmental or social goals.

  • We often use local businesses to provide logistical and support services to volunteers such as transfers, pick-ups, accommodation and so on. In this way, we support the local economy through helping independent local businesses to thrive. We take our partnerships very seriously and work extremely closely with all our partners.
  • We provide 24-hour emergency support from the UK and our partners provides support locally.
  • We have an agreement with the crisis management service Tranquillico, should the very worst situations arise.
  • If any wider safety concerns arise in the destination, such as civil disturbances or natural disasters, we seek advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and implement their recommendations where appropriate.


Insurance options...

Comprehensive insurance is available for all programmes. You have no obligation to take up insurance with any of these companies, but insurance of a suitable sort is mandatory on all our programmes.

  • For UK participants: Here are the full details of our partnership with Endsleigh.

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So you have applied for one of our programmes - great! Read on..

As a participant in our Professional Internships London Programme you will be given a half-day orientation session at our training centre to provide you with plenty of tips and information to make sure your internship runs as smoothly as possible. This session will also give you an opportunity to ask questions and be introduced to your dedicated placement coordinator, who will support and monitor you in your work placement throughout the duration of your internship.

Applicants from outside the UK: If you are travelling from overseas, don't worry, we have placement coordinators on hand to help with the logistics of your arrival. The orientation session will also cover issues relating to health, travel and accommodation, to ensure that you settle into life in London as smoothly as possible.

Please note - you can choose to be met at a London airport or train station (this is an extra option on top of your internship fee).

Please note that the Training Centre is also able to provide you with a range of other services including:

  • A wide range of English languages courses
  • A computer room providing free internet access
  • Social area with café
  • Interview technique training
  • Employment skills workshop

If you are interested in any of these options at the Training Centre, speak to your Twin Adviser.

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