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Volunteer projects and internships in Ghana...

Akwaaba! Take part in hands-on volunteer & work opportunities in Ghana - join other volunteers in dynamic & friendly Ghanaian local communities.

Ghana is fast becoming our volunteers' most popular African destination. It is generally recognised as one of the most stable, visitor friendly nations in Africa, and is perfect for travellers wanting to immerse themselves in worthwhile volunteering projects. Whether you're looking to help teach Ghanaian children English, work in Ghana's orphanages, orhelp build schools in Ghana - our programmes give participants the opportunity to surround themselves in the rich Ghanaian culture, and help communities all around Ghana.

  • We also offer work placements in Ghana, for travellers wanting to work in Ghanaian companies to learn new skills and share their own experiences. These work placements in Ghana have proven to be an ideal way to obtainvaluable African work experience that enhances CVs and career prospects.

  • Our volunteer and work programmes in Ghana offer travellers meaningful cultural immersions and dynamic cross-cultural exchanges that are ideal for career-break & Gap Year travellers in Africa.

All of our volunteer and work placements in Ghana aim to promote Africa as a source of knowledge - offering orientation sessions that include city toursAfrican drumming and dance classes, Ghanaian cooking lessons, and language classesdesigned to help travellers acclimatise to their volunteer and/or work programme in Ghana.  



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